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sRNA Annotations

2nd structure
sRNAG0032Get Sequence
Gene Name rdlD
Synonyms ECK3525;b4454;
Position 3698159.....3698222
Length 64 bp
Strand forward
Gene Class RdlD antisense regulatory RNA of the LdrD-RdlD toxin-antitoxin system
Species Escherichia coli K12 MG1655
Evidence Inferred from experiment;Inferred from direct assay;
Source regulonDB

Genome position Promoter site

Structural RNA alignment
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            "The LdrD peptide and RdlD antisense regulatory RNA act as a toxin-antitoxin pair (Kawano M,2002). Overproduction of LdrD causes toxicity, manifest as condensation of the nucleoid and cell death (Kawano M,2002). RdlD RNA is complementary to the upstream region of the ldrD gene, and it acts to regulate LdrD translation (Kawano M,2002). The LdrD mRNA is stable, whereas the RdlD antisense RNA is unstable (Kawano M,2002). Regulation has been described (Kawano M,2002)."


Kawano M, Oshima T, Kasai H, and Mori H (2002) "Molecular characterization of long direct repeat (LDR) sequences expressing a stable mRNA encoding for a 35-amino-acid cell-killing peptide and a cis-encoded small antisense RNA in Escherichia coli." Mol Microbiol 45 (2)  PubMed

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