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sRNA Annotations

2nd structure
sRNAG0074Get Sequence
Gene Name istR_2
Synonyms psrA19;b4616;ECK4425;
Position 3851141.....3851280
Length 140 bp
Strand reverse
Gene Class IstR-2
Species Escherichia coli K12 MG1655
Evidence Inferred from direct assay;Inferred from experiment;
Source regulonDB

Genome position Promoter site

Structural RNA alignment
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    "The IstR-2 RNA is is induced by the DNA damaging agent mitomycin C, and expression may be regulated by LexA. IstR-2 and IstR-1 share a sequence that can base-pair with a short region of the tisAB mRNA, leading to RNase III-dependent cleavage of the message and thereby inactivating translation of the toxic TisB peptide. Induction of the SOS response causes depletion of the IstR-1 pool and thus causes accumulation of the tisAB mRNA, the TisB peptide, and slowing growth (Vogel J,2004).".....



Vogel J, Argaman L, Wagner EG, and Altuvia S (2004) "The small RNA IstR inhibits synthesis of an SOS-induced toxic peptide." Curr Biol 14 (24)  PubMed

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